Todays Styling Tips

Lucky you if you have natural curl to your hair! If you pay for that ‘curl’ and dont want it to be ‘fuzzy’ after a shampoo dont mess with it. Let it dry on its own. Or, get a diffuser attachment for the blow dryer which will draw the moisture out of the hair.

Happy to announce some great products now available for you. All natural handmade beard balms and oils-made by Veterans!A little goes a long way.

And, brand name and Premium cigars finally. Including lighters, humidors and more. Some examples below.#Beard Balm, Oil and more

$10.99 Cohiba Pequenos 5 Pack
$24.99 Arturo Fuente 858 5 Pack
$29.99 Macanudo Maduro Diplomat 5 Pack
$25.99 Oliva Serie G Maduro Robusto 5 Pack